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Welcome to my blog for simple games to play with young groups like Beavers and Cubs. If you are planning a childrens party then this may be a useful source of information for cheap simple and fun ideas.

All people love to play games. At Beavers we play games outside when the weather permits so I have listed games suitable for such occassions. We meet on a Thursday evening so for half of the year we cannot go outside as it's too dark. Therefore we also have loads games for the inside as well.

I have categorisd the games into their most approriate section. However, most games can be adapted for most situations.

If you have any party game ideas then please forward them to me and I will try then out at my Colony and add them to the list.

Most importantly have fun!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Flappy Fish!

Number of Players

You Will Need
A paper fish cut from a piece of paper for each group playing plus either a book, carpet square, newspaper etc for each child playing.

How to Play
Split the children into groups of about 3 or 4. For each group cut a fish shape from an A4 piece of paper. Give each child a book, a newspaper or something to flap to make a wind with. (At Beavers we use carpet squares that the children sit on). Each group stands behing their fish. The object is to 'flap' at the fish without touching it from one end of the room to the other. The winner is the team to reach the other side of the room first.

This game is best on a non carpeted floor.

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